What do you know about Biotin?

What do you know about Biotin?

What do you know about Biotin?:

  1. Scientific composition: it is from the B family it B7 and it is also known as vitamin H:
  2. Resource: orange, meat, liver, nuts, egg yolk, mushroom.
  3. Daily needs: 10years or older needs 30and 100mcg per day.
  4. Diffeiceincy symptoms: hair loss or a scaly red rash.

    In one 2015 study and 2012 study: women with thinning hair were given an oral protein containing biotin, the researcher found that women who took a significant amount of hair growth in the areas affected by hair loss after 90-180days.

  5. Overdose symptoms: although it is rare because biotin is water soluble but it includes:   nausea, cramping, diarrhea.
  6. Other benefits of biotin: reduce inflammation:
    • improve cognitive function
    • help lower blood sugar in people with diabetes
    • increase “good” HDL cholesterol and decrease “bad” LDL cholesterol

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